Tiffany Chair

Written by Administrator on 13 October 2006.

People are mostly surprised when they learn of Wonderland for Detailed Planners and that we specialise in providing Tiffany chairs and events styling. They often ask, “Why Tiffany chairs?” and “Aren’t they for outdoor events?”, to which I often launch into my tirade of why Tiffany chairs are a must at any event and wedding, how we must do away with the very (out) dated, less aesthetically pleasing fabric-clad chair, and how I cannot believe Singapore, being such a developed, modern and well-travelled society is still stuck in the ‘80s, using the fabric-clad chair.

In this post I have attached photos of a ballroom using the fabric-clad chairs and another using Tiffany chairs. The aesthetic difference is evident. Use fabric-clad chairs in a roomful of tables laid with beautiful table linen and overlays, and you run the risk of looking like a fabric mill.

Balance in material/elements is extremely important to bring out the best in any item. This is a guideline all of us use in our dressing, cooking, baking etc so why not apply it to events and weddings? For example, we generally do not add lots of sugar to a cupcake mix and top it off with even more icing, and then serve it with ice cream. Likewise, a roomful of linen-laid tables should ideally be balanced with beautiful wooden chairs such as the Tiffany chair, and you will be surprised at how your flowers, linen and settings would pop because the focus is not overtly on fabric.

And on the reverse, if you should use a wooden table at a party or at home, try dressing your chairs with fabric, and voila, your wooden table would stand out as focus of the dinner party.

our passion started one day as I walked past a wedding party, and spied on a roomful of gold Tiffany chairs (and this was in a hotel)! It was the first time I had seen Tiffany chairs in a ballroom and the gold glint of the glossy wood took my breath away. I would not have known how much better a ballroom could look without fabric-clad chairs had it not been for that defining moment. There has been no turning back since.

we will love Tiffany chairs!